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Scavenger HUNT - The hunt is over but you can still visit the participating businesses.

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

MWC is participating in Manchester’s Bicentennial! The Manchester Women’s Club is celebrating with a Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser to support the work we do in town. We’ve hidden treasures in businesses and services around town.

  • Between June 3rd and 10th, solve the clues to identify local businesses and services.

  • Go to the location and snap a selfie with the treasure.

  • When you have 10 or more, send your selfies, along with your contact info, to

  • The entries with 10 or more correct images will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 prizes. First prize:$100.00 Second Prize:$50.00 Third Prize: $25.00

requested donation is $10.00 Paypal

That’s it.Let’s have fun!

YOUR SCAVENGER HUNT CLUES are revealed! 1: You’ll find games, books, videos, museum passes and our treasure at this 1937 WPA project supported by a local family What else could this be but the MARY CHENEY Library on Main Street. They have so much more than just books. Did you know they have a monthly board game event? and take home kits? and so much more. (and no more overdue fines :-) _ 2: Combine the sound your puppy makes with the place you buy your favorite cake and you’ll have the name of this business in the north part of town

The Barkery on Oakland Street 3: For all your seasoning needs think of our second president and head here

The Spice Mill on Adams Street 4: What’s the UCONN mascot? Head over here and grab your dinner

Husky Pizza 5: The eyes are the window to the soul and windows show the soul of a home. When your windows are cracked, head north.

Manchester Glass on Sheldon Road 6: Have you got an artsy idea? It will help you find the place to get help fixing your zipper or designing or altering your dress

Creative Notions on Main Street 7: Have a memento to protect or something to showcase? Head to this award winning shop.

Frame Dimensions on Main Street 8: Visit here for Chuckles’ home and lots of fun for the kids.

Lutz Children's Museum on S. Main Street 9: One of the original MWC locations to promote literacy for children, you’ll find our treasure near an old firehouse

The MWC Little Free Library at the Community Center on Spruce Street 10 ….and just around the corner you’ll find the treasure sprouting up here

The MWC plot at the Community Garden on Spruce Street 11: To protect your valuables from fire or water damage, check out this location

Manchester Safe and Lock on Main Street 12: Since 1915 they’ve helped with bling for engagements, marriages, and holidays

Bray's Jewelers on Main Street 13: You’ll find smoking wall and body art when you get here

Dragon's Den Tattoo on Main Street 14: You’ll find our treasure, and many more, when you visit here …. And they’re all divine!

Divine Treasures Chocolate Shop on Middle Turnpike West 15: This family-owned business has Guardians and Brothers to watch the treasures. For magicians, comedians, popcorn, and more, head over here before the Evil Rise.

Where else but Parkade Cinema on Middle Turnpike West 16: As CT’s largest, and Manchester’s local, this green creature will protect you and your things

The green gecko can be found at Geicko Insurance on Middle Turnpike West

Can you find me?

Solve the clues above

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