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Where's Dinner?

Updated: Jul 4

The Manchester Women's Club is a service organization and our members step up every day to help the community. Dinner Club gives us a chance to socialize and get to know each other in a more social setting. It gives us a chance to enjoy the myriad of dining experiences that Manchester offers and gives the community an opportunity to get to know us We pick a different location every month, on a date that's convenient for the most number of members. Ideally, the restaurants allow for separate checks. Some of us only want a salad, some want a full meal, others enjoy a wine or drink with their meal, and for others, a meal isn't complete without dessert. We want everyone comfortable so we ask if separate checks are allowed when we make our reservations. If separate checks aren't allowed, we move on to a different restaurant. So far, we've been fortunate. We visit new businesses, established eateries, casual and fine dining.

Where have we been? Here's our list:




Suka Thai

Main Pub

Manchester Pizza and Grill (before they were delivery and take away only)

Café Aura

Toro Azteca

Market Grille

Long Horn


Red Heat


Trattoria Toscana

Crab Shack

Manchester Country Club (Before it was The Hollow)

Sakura Garden



**Covid and shutdowns impacted our dining out experiences for over two years. We're excited to get out and dine again. Have you got a suggestion, a recommendation? Are you a restaurant owner? We're always looking for some place new to try. Do you have a recommendation for us? Please send a recommendation to

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