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GFWC CT Executive Board Meeting

The GFWC CT Executive Board Meeting was held July 14 at Mercy By The Sea in Madison. As we are part of the federation, our club President Grahame Slogesky and Assistant Treasurer Kathy Barnes, who is on the board of the GFWC CT, attended.

By the numbers, it was announced that Connecticut has 34 GFWC clubs and 1500 members throughout the state...we're in good company!

At the international convention in June, Connecticut took home some awards, one of which was for Outstanding Achievement in Membership Increase...thanks to our 96 founding members!

One takeaway for our club was presented by the Legislative Action Committee. The GFWC has a new initiative called "Recognize The Red." Whenever you, as a member of the Women's Club, writes to any legislator, state or otherwise, sign your name in red. Change your signature color on your email, or sign in red ink, or put a big red check on the outside of the envelope. This is to show we are united women, a force to be reckoned with, the GFWC.

And speaking of legislature, the GFWC requests that we all sign up for the Legislative Action Center email alerts for legislative and policy priorities. You can do that here:

We also took a crash course in marketing, and learned about the Connecticut Food Bank's Weekend Backpack program. Oh, and took some time to dip our toes in the Long Island Sound!

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